The @filmtog Recommended ello users list

I prefer to follow ACTIVE ello users, as I am looking for new content from my followers.  Users that post new content regularly also tend to be more engaged in the community as well.  

So here I am offering my own hand-crafted list which I am calling ""Active Photogs on ello list". It's a list of ello photographers that actively post (i.e at least weekly). I plan to add more to this list as I can vet out more users.  Let me know if I missed anyone.  Cheers! 

"Active Photogs on ello list"

@filmtog (Film Street & Portraits)
@portostreetshooting (Street portraits)
@victorbezrukov (Light and shadow)
@streetberlin (Street Berlin)
@henrysoderlund (Photography camera expertise)
@rinzizen (Photographer designer)
@lotuscarroll (Photographer, Poet, Dreamer)
@sergeysus (Portrait Photographer)
@davidseibold (Photographer)
@joanheather (Photographer)
@markgodriguez (photographer, animator, graphic designer)
@hillaryfox (Travel Photographer)
@jeremycowart (Photographer)
@thomashawk (Photographer)
@klausheeskens (Amateur photographer)
@prim35treet (Street Photographer)
@francescocastiglione (Documentary Photographer)
@suzannehaggerty (Photographer)
@scottwyden (Photographer)
@eileenamcallister (PhD student/IT prof/photographer)
@robingriggswood (fine artist, photographer)
@spyridon (Street Photographer)
@myvisualpoetry (Portrait Photographer)
@saulyoung (Photographer)
@jonwilkening (Pinhole Photography)
@martinmeijer (aficionado photographer)
@iso_500 (B&W Photography)
@martingommel (Photographer)
@peter-g (independent photographer)
@sobryan (Street Photographer)

** Added 11-6-14 **
@damon (Music / Street Photographer)
@dknisely (photography enthusiast)
@msecchi (Photo Journalist)
@giovannipiliarvu (Photography)
@thorstenovergaard (writer and photographer)
@corbinse (Photographer)
@robcale (Photographer)
@luismaduarte (Black & White Analog Photography
@jeophotos (Photographer)

*** Added as of 11-7 ***
@lisabruins (Deadhead | shadow chaser)
@marthaschuster (Photographer)
@melissathall (photographer/mixed media artist)
@dianepowers (photographer and visual artist)
@miroslavpetrasko (Landscape, architecture; has ello list on his website)
@glenvision (Photographer, has a ello list on his website)
@edwardconde (Street Photography)
@sonali7074 (Amateur photographer from India)
@markuspfeffer (Fine Art Photographer from Germany)
@ernstwilhelmgrueter (Street Photography from Germany)
@berndschaefers (Black &White Photography)
@michaelmoeller (Street Photographer, mostly monochrome)
@margotm (Photographer)
@theinvisiblearchitect (Street Photographer, B&W)
@bbluesman (Street Photographer)
@terryfabre (Photographer from France)
@michieldelange (Street Photographer in Qatar)
@erwinvindl (photography - passion, not profession)
@juergenbuergin (Urban Photographer from Berlin) .
@sonali7074 (Amateur photographer from India)
@olgakafka (photographer, urban, lifestyle and portrait photography) 
@pechara (Freelance Architectural Illustrator)
@marcbriggs (nature photographer)
@francisgorrez (black and white Photographer)
@sandralittell (likes to photograph skateboarders)
@thanglv (London based photographer)
@ericschaeffer (Photographer)
@simonhughes (Photographer)
@lenscapon (Photographer)
@juangonzalez (Photographer in Austin, Texas)
@mikeboening (Detroit street/urban photographer)
@dietmarrogacki (Photographer)
@wolfshadowphotography (Photographer)
@carstenkopp (Photography from Germany)
@kellylr (forever wanderer)
@tobba (Photographer, and game developer)
@daliborpacic (Amateur Photographer)
@dimabarsky (Engineer. Photographer)
@stevesherwin (UK based image maker)
@sarahlawrie (photographer / visual artist)
@jimpollard (photographer, weddings in Queenstown, New Zealand)

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