Godzilla series for #holgaweek

Sometimes you need a new idea to push you to try different things.  I recently discovered a new project called Holgaweek which is organized by Jennifer Henriksen, and details can be found on her website http://holgaweek.com  The basic premise of Holgaweek is to go out and challenge folks to shoot with their Holga cameras during the week of July 21-27 and share their images.  There are also some prizes for some of the best pictures that were submitted.  My Holga has been tucked away to the back of my shelf far too long... so I thought why not give it a go.

For me I usually like to pick a theme when I go out shooting.  Having just seen the new Godzilla movie with my son Andrew, I went with the whole Godzilla theme, and this time attacking Minneapolis.  It worked out also that my son already had a Godzilla action figure to help me with my theme. 

It was a fun project, but must say it was more challenging then I thought it would be.  Getting the proper focus and framing was difficult especially shooting with the Holga on film.  All in all it was a great photo walk, and it was fun shooting with the Holga again.  Luckily no one was hurt or squished by Godzilla during the filming of this series!

Enjoy, and make sure to get out and shoot some film with your Holga!

 Godzilla goes through bridges... not around!

Godzilla goes through bridges... not around!

Godzilla ruined Mill City Ruins

Godzilla loves to take on power plants!